Kawase spun off its cardboard manufacturing and sales operations in 1995 to form Green Package and a new corrugated lamination business that was launched in 2003 (located inside the Head Office Plant) completed the company’s integrated cardboard production system. In addition to cardboard cases for use in normal packaging applications, Green Package designs, manufactures, and sells cushioning materials used in mobile phone equipment packaging. It also takes advantage of its insect- and dust-proof facilities to serve a broad customer base, including companies in the pharmaceuticals industry.
Kawase was formed in 1945 when Kawase Shoten spun off its operations contracting department. The company launched a plastic recycling business in 1993 (located inside the Gunma Plant) and a corrugated lamination business in 2003 (located inside the Head Office Plant). Kawase changed its name to Everypack Kawase on October 1, 2007.
Kawase Shoten began the wholesale trade of packaging materials in Osaka City in 1917. While the company originally focused on the manufacture of cardboard cases with the opening of the Gunma factory in 1985 and the Himeji Factory in 1990, Kawase Shoten now serves the role of leader of the Kawase Group as its asset management division.
The product delivery division of K.K. Green Package was spun off in 2006 to establish Green Cargo. Green Cargo mission is to increase the efficiency of delivery within the group and to quickly respond to the needs of all our customers. With a perfect safety and accident record since its founding, Green Cargo continues to work to deliver safe and quick delivery operations into the future.
Ezhou Kawase Luying Agricultural Products and By-products Company was established through as a wholly owned enterprise in Ezhou City, Hubei Province, China, (vicinity of Wuhan City) in September, 2002. Originally established as the Ezhou branch of a Kawase Group company that was involved with automatic photo identification machines, operations were expanded in 2005 to commence trade of the rich agricultural products and by-products of the region.

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